a r t / w o r k s   b y

M i s k o l c z i   A n d r á s

Z  I  O  И  /

   p r o j e c t s



Full name: Miskolczi András

Date of birth: 1991

Place of birth: Budapest

Education: Minerva / Photography Department

s u m m a r y   o f   A L I A S E S


- Nevada

Electronic music
- Enigmo
- Static Euphonic (retired)

Digital Art / Design

- Nevada Vema

HipHop / Rap / Instrumetnal
- Enderzon
- Handa Crew (with associate)


- I'mFromZion

- Mislolczi András

photo  b y  P a i z s  V i v i e n 

s u m m a r y   o f   P R O J E C T S

- N E V A D A

selected works of analog and digital photography

- E N I G M O

electronic music production

- A G O N Y

unfinished series of low-poly arts

- D E V I A N T

collection of single digital arts

- A T L A S

essays, studies, literature, poetry

- H A N D A

hungarian hip-hop, rap music production

with associate. Group know as Handa Crew. Members: Endááy, Grepi MC, Kárter, Axióma, Apé, and Enderzon

- E C L I P S E

collection of commissioned works

- E U P H O N I C   [ a r c h i v e d ]

electronic music production

Static Euphonic is previous artist name of Enigmo